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ndm all screen sizes borderedWebsite Design Optimized For All Screen Sizes

Worldwide  millions of “smartphones”, “iphones”, “ipads” and other digital tablets are being activated every single day. These new “Mobile Consumers” searching for products and services are demanding websites and landing pages that are optimized for the screen size they are using.  If the sites they are finding require them to enlarge and scroll to find the information they are looking for, it causes many to drop the site and search for other information that is more mobile friendly.  

Being more mobile friendly does not mean a business or organization needs to duplicate all the content from their desktop website into a mobile version.  On the contrary, it means formatting the mobile site for quick/easy engagement not for research.  We design the mobile site to entice a click-to-call, click-to-locate and feature “thumb touch” navigation to the most pertinent information.  Linking back to the desktop site for more detailed information is always an important option as well.

Many times when we talk to clients about developing the mobile platform for their URL, we ask them to consider our Desktop/Mobile Combo-Package. Many of the desktop websites we see that were built years ago are somewhat out-of-date and don’t include some of the features consumers look for on modern desktop websites.  Doing the Combo-Package is usually a very dynamic upgrade to your digital image for a very affordable price.

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